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We are a family run company out of Central Florida. Our family consists of Mom, Dad and 3 super awesome active kids. In January of 2014 our family started riding dirtbikes. Another little hobby we thought, but as the kids all started riding it became a lifestyle for us. The weekends now consisted of riding HareScrambles all around Florida.

Mom started to think of things that she could do as the rest of the family was racing. As much as she likes to get on her KX100 and ride a trail through the woods, the racing thing did not interest her. After attending a few other sporting events with her kids the idea was born to bring a heat-press to the HareScrambles and make personalized T-shirts and other stuff for racers and spectators. Mom has always liked creating so this was a great opportunity to combine two interest.


Making MX t-shirts lead to creating other t-shirts and the idea of fundraising was born. If you have a project you are passionate about consider asking Team541 to join you to raise some money.


We are super excited to be the official product provider for the VEX Robotics Florida Regional Championship in both 2020 and 2021.

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